About Design-Based Learning

DBL "sneaks up on learning" by engaging students' innate curiosity and creating a fun, interactive environment that develops higher-level reasoning skills in the context of the standard K–12 curriculum.

A teacher using DBL challenges students to create never-before-seen solutions to specific problems. For example, a sixth grade class studying ancient Egypt, China, Greece and Mesopotamia might begin by working in teams to build a 3D scale model of a place in that ancient world. Doing so compels them to answer questions such as "What types of dwellings will people live in?" and "What values will they live by?" Armed with their own solutions, students investigate topics about these societies in required texts.

The Design-Based Learning Lab: A Community Resource

Summer 2004 marked the opening of ArtCenter's Design-Based Learning Lab. Located in our new South Campus at 950 South Raymond Avenue in Pasadena, the Lab is symbolic of the College's growing connection with its community. The Lab is available to all educators for meetings, staff development and events throughout the year.

For more information about booking this space, please contact Paula Goodman by email or call 626.396.2347.