Daisuke YamaguchiDaisuke Yamaguchi

Product Designer, Applied Minds, Inc.

A son of Japanese expatriate artists, Daisuke Yamaguchi grew up with a deep curiosity for how things worked. Fascinated by mathematics and physics, Yamaguchi went on to study mechanical engineering at the State University of New York, but an environmental science elective during his last semester left him with a lasting impression. In 2004, Yamaguchi began his studies at Art Center College of Design, where he combined his interest in product design with his concern for the environment by creating durable, desirable and sustainable products. While at Art Center, Yamaguchi also helped lead the student-run group EcoCouncil, where he worked diligently to make sustainability a core element of the College’s design curriculum. For his efforts, Art Center awarded him a student leadership award in 2008. Today, Yamaguchi works for Applied Minds, a think-tank based in Glendale, CA, that specializes in the creation of leading-edge concepts, products and services, and whose clients include Intel, Sun Microsystems and Northrop Grumman.