John M. DeCicco, Ph.D.John M. DeCicco, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow for Automotive Strategies, Environmental Defense Fund

As a national expert on automotive energy and environmental issues, John DeCicco specializes in analysis of transportation oil demand and greenhouse gas emissions, covering vehicle and fuel technologies, air pollution, oil dependence and broader social and environmental impacts of transportation. His work for the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) includes advising policy makers, industry and public interest groups; developing market-based solutions that balance the needs of business, consumers and the environment; in-depth assessment of technologies and design strategies; and providing information for consumers and media. DeCicco has led influential studies of vehicle efficiency, examined the economics of transportation energy use, pioneered consumer-oriented green vehicle ratings in the United States, and spearheaded the EDF’s partnership with Yahoo! Autos to make consumer-friendly green ratings widely available on the web.

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