THE ART CENTER SUMMIT | Designing Sustainable Mobility

Conference Quotes

"I don't think I can overstate the importance of design to the future of our world. We have designed societies that our planet's natural systems cannot sustain. The Summit gave me a glimpse of the incredible creativity, imagination and raw talent that is swirling within design circles. It is time for the design community to step up and use their incredible creativity and imagination to not just design products that are sexy and marketable, but that truly improve our lives and our world.”

Suzanne Hunt
Biofuels Project Manager, Worldwatch Institute

"The Art Center Summit: Designing Sustainable Mobility was a great blend of inspiration, education and collaboration. I thought that the speakers were very knowledgeable and provided great perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry. I walked away inspired with several new contacts and concepts for sustainable business development."

Dana Lowell
Director, Advanced Business Development, Faurecia \ Westworks

“There is power in ideas. Particularly new ones.”

Dean kamen
Inventor, Founder of DEKA Research and Development Company

“Design is form following meaning.”

Christopher E. Bangle
Director of BMW Group Design, BMW Group

“We have a problem as a human species. And the time to move forward is now.”

Christopher Flavin
President, Worldwatch Institute

“There are many small solutions that together can address our energy and environmental concerns.” 


“The most valuable part of the Summit for me was recognizing that sustainability is a movement and one that is permeating all industries.”


“It was valuable to hear experts in their fields and to be exposed to new ideas, thinking and technology.”


“We need to be careful not to take an ‘absolutist’ position, acknowledging that the problems facing us are multifaceted and will require more than one approach or solution.”


“The automotive industry has the opportunity to change the world, again; but it must now redefine and resolve the paradox that they have created.”


“It was great to have casual conversations with inspired people.”


“It was incredibly valuable to me to be able to see that others are equally committed to recognizing and addressing these issues. It personally emboldens me to find a way to integrate this into my work.”


“Public opinion about global warming is not ‘tipping,’ it has tipped!”


“I found the symposium enlightening and it invigorates me as I continue with my professional efforts.”