Media Design Practices

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Graduate Media Design Practices

Host Department

Media Design Practices

Faculty Lead

Elizabeth Chin
Sean Donahue


9 units of MDP core credit.

How To Apply

Applications are submitted through MDP.


Students must be enrolled in the Graduate Media Design Practices program.


Cost is $750 per student, which covers lodging, on-site orientation, studio space, 24-hour emergency support and travel insurance.

Students are responsible for paying their own airfare, meals, transportation in country and daily living expenses.


Spring term: January 13-19 and February 3-20, 2019.

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MDP Study Away is focused on social issues in a networked global context where students learn firsthand through fieldwork at local and international sites how to put people at the center of technological change. Students work in a contexts where social issues, media infrastructure, and communication technology intersect. During the academic years of 2012-14, our faculty and graduate students conducted in-depth, longitudinal fieldwork in Kampala, Uganda.

Beginning Spring 2017, MDP now travels to and works in Mexico City, Mexico. Students will be based at Startup Mexico (SUM) and working with our long term partner UNICEF’s Innovation Unit. The curricular experience combines the intimate, textured engagement of anthropology with the speculative provocations of design. Students learn to work within a complex web of relationships and cultural factors—political, economic, social, and technological. Students will also design, prototype, deploy and evaluate as individual projects, group work, and in collaboration with partners the impact of newly designed interventions around communities and issues in Mexico City. Through this fast-paced active engagement, each student develops their own approach to social innovation that challenges assumptions, orthodoxies, and generalities. By the time they graduate, they are prepared designers to take an active role in the creation of new models for international development and civic engagement through work in communities, institutions, governments, and entrepreneurial endeavors.

To learn more about last year’s Field experience, please visit the MDP website or UNICEF website.