London Ancient/Modern

Majors open to

All Majors

Host Department


Faculty Lead

Ann Field
Paul Rogers
Brian Rea
Simon Johnston


3 units of ArtCenter credit

How To Apply

Applications for this program were due by Monday, October 29, 2018 at 1 pm (Week 8).


  1. Must have completed at least four terms of undergraduate study or two terms of graduate study
  2. Must have at least one term remaining upon return to ArtCenter
  3. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  4. Must not be on academic or disciplinary probation at the time of the application

* If you do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements you still may be able to apply. Please contact for more information.


Deposit:  If you are accepted to the program and choose to commit, you will be responsible for providing a $200 non-refundable deposit. This deposit is due within one week of your acceptance and ensures your commitment as a downpayment towards the total program fee.
Program fee:  In addition to Art Center tuition, you will be responsible for a program fee of approximately $2,900 (total pending). This fee covers the following costs: accommodations (shared rooms), London bus and subway pass, ground transportation, some meals, some museum entries, private lectures and studio visits, and travel/medical insurance.
Additional:  Costs that you will be responsible for that are NOT included in the program fee include: a passport ($135), a visa (if required), round-trip airfare LAX-London (~$500-$900), and daily personal expenses—food, toiletries, supplies, souvenirs, cell phone, etc. ($50-$60/day).


Term: Spring 2019
Dates Abroad: April 24-May 5, 2019*

Classes will meet at ArtCenter during Spring term with travel to London over the break.

*Note: Housing will begin in London on April 24, which means students should plan to depart from Los Angeles on April 23. Housing will end on May 5. 

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Art, craft, design, fashion and film: London is the creative hub and surprisingly inclusive. The learning curve is fast because there are no language barriers. This trip puts you and your work front and center with the leading tastemakers based there. Meet the motion designer who has been creating work for Hermes. And learn how the traditional country house and garden is leading today’s environmental awareness. Get to be behind the scenes with Sir Paul Smith at his global headquarters and learn about his unique approach to creativity. Participate and make in hands on workshops with letterpress and surface design. Experience reviews with independent publishers and indulge in private visits to the greatest collections of brilliantly edited art and design, high and low, old and new.

Understand how this surprising mix of culture leads fashion and storytelling.

Come and see what’s real and brilliant and all that can only be found in London. You’ll leave more inspired than you can imagine.

About London
London is a thrilling place with a multitude of places to visit. Monuments from the capital’s glorious past are everywhere, from medieval banqueting halls and the great churches of Christopher Wren to the eclectic Victorian architecture of the triumphalist British Empire. There is no shortage of things to do in London: you can relax in the city’s quiet Georgian squares, explore the narrow alleyways of the City of London, wander along the riverside walks, and uncover the quirks of what is still identifiably a collection of villages. The largest capital in the European Union, stretching for more than thirty miles from east to west, and with a population of just under eight million, London is also incredibly diverse, ethnically and linguistically, offering cultural and culinary delights from right across the globe.

The capital’s great historical landmarks — Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London and so on — draw in millions of tourists every year. This isn’t a city that rests on its laurels, however. Since the turn of the millennium, all of London’s world-class museums, galleries and institutions have been reinvented, from the Royal Opera House to the British Museum. With Tate Modern and the London Eye, the city boasts the world’s largest modern art museum and Europe’s largest Ferris wheel. And thanks to the 2012 Olympics, even the East End — not an area previously on most tourists’ radar — has been given an overhaul.

You could spend days just shopping in London, mixing with the upper classes in the “tiara triangle” around Harrods, or sampling the offbeat weekend markets of Portobello Road, Brick Lane and Camden. The city’s pubs have always had heaps of atmosphere, and food is now a major attraction too, with more than fifty Michelin-starred restaurants and the widest choice of cuisines on the planet. The music, clubbing and gay and lesbian scenes are second to none, and mainstream arts are no less exciting, with regular opportunities to catch outstanding theatre companies, dance troupes, exhibitions and opera.

London’s special atmosphere comes mostly, however, from the life on its streets. A cosmopolitan city since at least the seventeenth century, when it was a haven for Huguenot immigrants escaping persecution in Louis XIV’s France, today it is truly multicultural, with over a third of its permanent population originating from overseas. The last hundred years has seen the arrival of thousands from the Caribbean, the Indian subcontinent, the Mediterranean, the Far East and Eastern Europe, all of whom play an integral part in defining a metropolis that is unmatched in its sheer diversity.

London Kickoff Tea and Info Session:
Monday, October 1 (Week 4) at 1pm on 6th Floor, 1111

Selection and Notification Timeline
Apply By: Monday, October 29 (Wk 8) at 1pm
InterviewsAll applicants will be interviewed as part of the selection process. Interviews will be 20 minutes and students will be contacted to schedule them.

Monday Nov. 5 11:30 – 3pm
Wednesday Nov 7 10:30 – 1:30pm
Thursday Nov 8 10:30 – 1:30 pm

Notification of Acceptance: November 12 at 1pm (Wk 10)
Commit to Program: Monday, November 19 at 1 pm (Wk 11)

Scholarship Information: