Faculty leaders are integral to the design and facilitation of successful study away programs for students. The Exchange and Study Away office works together with faculty to support teaching and learning off-campus.

For Faculty

As a study away faculty leader, your role goes beyond just that of a course instructor. Teaching off-campus means you also act on behalf of College administration and student support services offices. The Exchange and Study Away office can provide you with guidance as well as connect you with the appropriate resources and offices to assist you in fulfilling these additional responsibilities.

Proposing a Study Away Program

Study away programs originate from academic departments with the support of the Department Chair. First, discuss your intention to propose a off-campus program with your Department Chair. Working together with your Chair, put forth a program proposal. The Exchange and Study Away office can assist you with your proposal as well as help identify potential partners.

Policies and Guidelines

ArtCenter’s study away program guidelines and policies exist to ensure the safety and success of a program and all its participants. Policies and guidelines will be shared with you during the proposal process as well as reviewed at the Study Away Faculty Leader Orientation once your program is approved.

To access program proposal forms, guidelines, and policies, please contact the Exchange and Study Away office for login information.

Travel Registration

Before departure, please register your travel itinerary below:

International Programs

Domestic Programs


Geo-Blue for Faculty/Staff
+1.888.412.6403 (within U.S.)
+1.610.254.8771 (outside U.S.)
Group Access Code for faculty/staff: QHG99999ACCD

GeoBlue Worldwide for Students
+1.844.268.2686 (within U.S.)
+1.610.254.8771 (outside U.S.)

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