New Car Experiences





José Wyszogrod
Sal Orara
Tim Huntzinger
Ben Hooker

Term / Year




Developing a holistic concept for an experienced-based interior for future vehicles.

Intel and Jaguar Land Rover collaborated with Art Center College of Design in a multi-phase partnership to identify and explore new car experiences using an experimental human-centered design approach. The multidisciplinary partnership involved faculty, graduate and undergraduate students from Interaction Design, Transportation Design, and Media Design Practices.

The project consisted of four phases, beginning in MDP with faculty-led research, followed by an intensive four-week MDP/Lab project to design user experience vignettes which lead into and defined the brief for a 14-week transdisciplinary studio course, resulting in the design of specific aspects of a future transportation experience. Project outcomes from the first three phases were shared in a one-day symposium bringing together experts from diverse fields to consider the issues and possibilities raised through the partnership and to workshop the new ideas.

Phase 1: Landscapes

Summer Term Faculty-led research to identify novel design questions and issues

Phase 2: Journeys

Fall Term 4-week MDP/Lab Project to design user experience vignettes

Phase 3: Interactions

Spring Term 14-week Transdisciplinary sponsored studio to design interaction prototypes

Phase 4: Sharing the Findings

One-Day Symposium

Project outcomes were shared

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