Media Design Matters: designing in critical, real-world situations where media & technology intersect with social issues & public policy.




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The Media Design Matters track is designed for individuals who wish to:

  • bring design into new areas: Social Policy, International Development, Social Activism, Community Practice, Business and Economic innovation, Sociology, and Anthropology;
  • continue within academia as an educator or doctoral candidate;
  • prepare for a career in any design studio,
    corporation, research institution, or non-profit

    that values designers who can work across
    cultures and disciplines, who can design for real
    people, and who relish a complex challenge.

Applicants for the Media Design Matters Track must be prepared to travel for extended periods of time as part of their education. (Travel costs are included in tuition.)


We offer a 2-year and 3-year "degree path" in order to attract two different kinds of applicants:

  • Accomplished designers/researchers who
    want to grow their practice in a new direction should apply for the 2-year path; evidence of design expertise is required.

  • Burgeoning designers with a bachelor degree in another field who want to become social impact designers/researchers should apply for 3-year path.

See the MDP website for more complete degree path descriptions and requirements.


The inaugural courses for the Media Design Matters Track will be launched Summer 2012. However there are two application deadlines, depending on the degree path you wish to take:

  • 3-year path students:
    apply February 1, 2011 and enroll Fall 2011
  • 2-year path students:
    apply Fall 2011 and enroll Summer 2012

February 1, 2011
Application deadline for the 3-year path ONLY.
If you are unsure of your qualifications for the 2-year path, apply for the 3-year path and indicate that you'd like to be considered for the 2-year path.

March 3, 2011
Open House and information session for applicants and interested potential applicants.

Fall 2011
Application deadline for the 2-year path. Specific dates to be announced.


See the MDP website and Art Center's Admissions page for complete application procedures or send an email to mdp.matters at

As part of the application procedures, you will be asked to write a personal statement. If you are interested in Media Design Matters, please describe your interest in this area and how the curriculum aligns with your future goals.