graduate media design program

To launch the MADE UP project, the MDP hosted two research projects during Summer 2010 related to the MADE UP theme.

A jury composed of Bruce Sterling, science fiction author and design futurist, Fiona Raby of Dunne + Raby, and MDP faculty members Ben Hooker and Sean Donahue selected the following two projects in response to a call for proposals.

The results were publicly presented in a Research Review on August 18, 2010, and will be showcased in the MADE UP exhibition.

Sascha Pohflepp

During his time in residence, Sascha Pohflepp researched and produced SUPERCALIFORNIA: Forever Future, an installation that includes a short film, a series of portraits, and a set of objects. In the installation, a fictitious character named Rob Walker remembers the 1970s, the Voyager probes and the debate about space colonies. He longs for his life in space and creates his own space mission.

His 'ship' is a time capsule and his journey is an annual ritual. Each year he packs away the visions that have failed to come true as predicted. He has deposited funds in the bank to support the mission. He expects his probe and its cargo to fly on well beyond his own time.

SUPERCALIFORNIA continues Pohflepp's work with alternate history design narratives that explore the implications of technoscientific visions in the past and the present. While in residence, he focused on California and its exceptionally rich and often unknown history ranging from utopian settlements and forgotten energy projects to the colonization of space.

Sascha Pohflepp is a London-based designer and artist, born in Cologne, Germany. In his work he is interested in past and future technologies, notions of art, business and idealism, what they mean to us and how they inform which worlds come true and which worlds are discarded. He aims to create social objects in which we can see ourselves differently.

He holds a Master of Arts in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art London (RCA) and a Diploma in Visual Communication from the Berlin University of Arts (UDK).

For the past six years Sascha has been contributing to Webby-winning art and technology blog Most recently, his work has been shown at the Wellcome Trust London, the V&A Museum, he was nominated for FutureEverything 2010 and received a special mention at the 2010 VIDA award for art and artificial life. He is currently participating in Synthetic Aesthetics, an NSF/EPSRC-funded research project focussing on synthetic biology.

MDP Student Research Assistant: Haejin Lee

Suspension of Disbelief
Ingrid Hora and Daniel Salomon

Objects have a tremendous importance in people's lives. Sometimes we are sentimentally attached to them, we involve them in daily rituals or superstitiously hold on to them. For the residency, Ingrid Hora and Daniel Salomon instigated a fictious cult based on the worship of objects. Together with a team of student research assistants, they produced shrines, icons, altars and technological devices. These "props" were used in the filming of a pecular set of rituals that took place by five "cult members" in the Mojave Desert.

The project explored the inventiveness, imagination, aesthetics and mythologies, in other words, the design and cultural production, of spiritual movements.

Ingrid Hora works and lives in London/Berlin. Through her work Hora narrates the life of a disordered (or hyper ordered) society. People build walls around themselves to create order and borders. Hora shows what happens behind these walls, where obsessions, desires and fantasies hide. Some of the works resemble pieces of furniture, although their definitions don't quite exist yet; they seem to support behaviors rather than bodies.

Lately her work has evolved around Functional Escape, a term she came up with to describe the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially through a special activity, purpose, or task. The objects carry stories of loneliness and hope, the urge to hide and the desire to reach out.

Ingrid was a fellow of Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Akiyoshidai Interantional Art Village in Japan, Casino Luxembourg and Khoj in Delhi. Her work is exhibited and published internationally. She has taught at the Royal College of Art, Architectural Association and London Met.

Daniel Salomon is a French and Danish artist currently based in Berlin. For the last five years he has been using the constructed language Esperanto as a paradigm to imagine a world where all citizens—for good and for evil—share the same global culture. Daniel has launched a football team, a fast food restaurant, a sextoy, a sausage company, a sitcom and a currency, which together show how a post-national world could look.

Daniel recently had shows in Skulpturenpark in Berlin, Eastside Projects in Birmingham and Overgaden - Institute for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen. He was awarded a fellowship at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in 2007, Arcus Projects in Japan in 2008, and will be a resident at Capacete entretenimentos in Rio de Janeiro in the end of 2010.

MDP Student Research Assistants: Dee Kim, Ana Ramos, Daniel Lara, with help from Buddy Bojorquez


image: detail from a still from the film "Suspension of Disbelief" by Daniel Salomon and Ingrid Hora