VR/AR Studio: Exploring New Realities

January 26, 2017

In ArtCenter’s Immersive Media Lab,  the Not Another VR Demo studio confronted the emerging ‘Demo Culture’ that VR . It  sets a precedent through development of considerate, design influenced, and artful content.
Students used Unreal Engine 4 and HTC VIVE’s leverage their past design and art training to create a fully immersive VR experience that was proposed and lead by student teams, and guided by their peers and faculty.

Multiple classes and transdisciplinary studios in Spring 17 term will address emerging opportunities in VR and AR: Environmental design, Graduate Media, Undergraduate IxD and transdisciplinary studios.

Real-Virtual Experiences is a joint  Graduate Media Design Practices MDP and Interaction Design TDS series of labs and studios that assumes a future when, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are more pervasive and culturally accepted, to develop new immersive interactions that reside in our everyday lives. Through speakers, workshops, and investigative assignments, students will explore the layering of the real and the virtual with the ever-expanding VR and AR technological stack. In the course, students will develop skills in Unity, VR and AR usability, and spatial interactions using the software and hardware in ArtCenter’s Immersive Media Lab. Students will use hands-on making and conduct participatory design research to generate novel, working interactions for future immersive experiences. To succeed in this challenging course, students must be willing to experiment with new tools, be resourceful in solving problems, take risks, and learn through user testing..

Class will be taught by Filip Kostic (above) and Jenny Rodenhouse