Making Augmented Realities : Presentation and AR Exhibition

April 15, 2021

We have been made-over by the screen. Relying upon software to be seen, we now experience a large portion of life, ourselves, and one another through these augmented realities of cameras and interfaces. In the studio, Making Augmented Realities, students used hands-on prototyping with Lens Studio and Spark AR to learn how to design augmented reality interactions today, while envisioning the future of AR through machine learning and computer vision models. Students built their own augmented reality effects, trained machine learning models, and conducted design research through investigative/technical prototyping. Hosted by faculty: Elise Co & Jenny Rodenhouse

Join us for the final presentation on Monday April 19th from  5-7pm PST.


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Work By:

Elizabeth Costa

Charlene Dela Cruz

Rhema Gabriela

Chase Ghiglia

Casey Knapp

John Ma

Steven Mao

Mason Noboru

Anthony Palileo

Huangchen Qi

Siladityaa Sharma


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Live Stream: