Iddris Sandu: Conversation, Dieter Rams and the culture of design in the technology age

September 10, 2019

Sandu began coding at age 11 and has worked with Google, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter just to name a few. Honored by former President Barack Obama with the Presidential Scholar Award when he was only 16; he worked with an extraordinary range of people and companies; fromGoogle, Snapchat, Uber, Kanye to the late rap icon Nipsey Hussle to create “the world’s first smart retail experience, The Marathon Store;” and been featured on Beyonce’s website. Yet, he wants to talk to emerging designers about the power of Ram’s design principles, what we can learn from nature and his most recent projects- crafting design spaces and education in Ghana.

Join Interaction and Media Design Practices  on Friday 6pm, Artcenter Center for Critical Practices, Windtunnel 950 Raymond Avenue Pasadena.

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