Designing for Emerging Tech: AR and VR Event

January 26, 2016

On Tuesday February 2, we’ll be exploring the interaction  and human centered design behind some of the best (and worst) augmented and virtual reality applications out there.
Eulogy For Kinect by Jim Toepel, VR and AR Designer
Augmented Reality for Space Exploration by Jesse Kriss, Human Interfaces Group, NASA

How do we desgn exceptional experiences for emerging technologies? Going beyond the feature hype we’ll learn from creative technologist and designers who work across platforms such as kinect, leap, oculus, hololens,and across genres; gaming, movies, space exploration and art.

Jim Toepel presents “Eulogy for Kinect”. By exposing the success and failures of Kinect titles, we will uncover the inspiring, the human and the best design insights when crafting analog interfaces in VR.
Jim is a classically trained materials engineer who left the Space Program to pursue the dream of interaction design, spending 5+ years at Harmonix designing Rock Band and Dance Central. He is currently failing fast in the VR space with the hopes that some UX patterns emerge.

Jesse Kriss will present “Augmented Reality for Space Exploration: Anecdotes and Techniques from Mars and the Space Station”. He designs and builds tools for artists, citizens and scientists, including Many Eyes, a the collaborative visualization platform. He currently works in the Human Interfaces Group at NASA’s Jet Prpulsion Lab, designing and developing tools for space mission operations, spacecraft systems engineering, and Earth science, while practicing and promoting user centered design.

Before the speaker sessions, the team from Oculus and their Story Studio will demo new material and give students the chance to try the latest headsets.

Oculus Demos: Room106, 6pm
Speakers: FDR, 7:30 pm-8:30pm