Designing Behavior : Play Studio

January 27, 2015

If Interaction Design (IxD) crafts how people think, feel and behave, then designing for play must be one of the most challenging projects. Real play: not points, dragons, levels and in-app purchasing but according to specialists a freeform, immersive that absorbs “intensely and utterly” 1955 Homo Ludens by Johan Huizinga. We will explored the science and psychology of play, delved into it’s patterns and behaviors to uncover “play value”; the craft and magic that makes a play experience or game enthralling, and to create new play experiences with our ixd tools and techniques. We met with experts, kids and adults, game psychologists and designers, sketched and prototyped – arduino, leap, kinect, and a lot of hot glue… to finally step aside and let people play.