Pandemic Response Design Challenge

May 23, 2020

During May 23-30, 2020 of the summer term, the “Hack”athon Club, led by Dillon Chi and Susie Moon in partnership with DesignMatters and IxD, is organizing a 1-week remote design challenge in collaboration with Designmatters and Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice. Participate at 

The top three topics that will be addressed in this design challenge include remote collaboration, health, and education. The focus of this Design Challenge is not only to design for COVID-19, but also for future global catastrophes.

A critical component of this design challenge is the research phase and the support provided by experts. We will be bringing in experts for question-answer sessions where they will share their knowledge and experiences on the specified topics. The one-week design challenge will give you the opportunity to work differently and experiment with different roles. We encourage you to take risks that you normally would not in class or at work.

Participants will be organized into teams with the same topic interest and guided in collaboration so that all who join have the opportunity to work with other majors to ensure diverse methods and backgrounds.

The big picture: We are working with ArtCenter to make it possible for the winning teams to continue their projects in later terms in alignment with degree audits. These groups will have the opportunity to connect with students in engineering and medical programs at Caltech and UCLA, along with mentors from the healthcare, education, and technology sectors. Successful teams will be encouraged to apply for business plan competitions, project funding from VentureWell, and other pre-seed investors.

Speakers, Mentors, and Judges, Featuring Top Industry Professionals

Adrian Ang, Kidney and Liver Transplant Nurse, Cedar Sinai Medical Center

Alicia Blanton, Director of Operations, Miso Robotics

Chase Airmet, Senior Product Designer, Ascension

Jessica Gelzer, Strategy and Marketing Consultant, Digital Healthcare Technology

Ken St. Clair, Head of Product, Miso Robotics

Krystal Cooper, Technical Producer, Unity

Lance Shields, Director of Intl. Design, Adobe

Majenta Strongheart, Head of Design and Partnerships, DesignLab at Supplyframe

Mike Estano, UX Strategy/Creative Director, UNICEF Kid Power

Nardo Manaloto, CEO, Catalaize

Paul Dorian, Product Design Lead, Adobe

Robbie Nock, Design, Innovation & Creative Leadership, ArtCenter

Ryan Sinnet, Chief Technology Officer, Miso Robotics

Sabrina Fonseca, Principle Design, PRTNRS

Sofia Mohammad Khan, UX Design Director and Corporate Trainer, SK+CO

Tara Knight, Strategic Development Manager, Creative Cloud Design, Adobe