Interaction BS Design Graduates Spring 2020

April 23, 2020

Having completed our BS in Interaction Design program of hands-on classes in graphic and product design, strategy, human-computer interaction and investigative research, as well as theory and criticism through the humanities and sciences.  Our students are ready to graduate! They have gotten extremely  good at storytelling, modeling, sketching, paper prototyping and thinking about creative ways to convey user experiences. Their work explores broad modalities in design—auditory, tactile and motions well as their own unique perspectives and solutions to specific contemporary and future design challenges.  Many have taken transdisciplinary and elective studios, internships, study abroad, and a minor in Designmatters – these are the experiences and curiosity that drive their portfolios. Congratulations!


Marianne Wellman
Madison Bucher
Jiaching Yang
Daniel Yoon
Jonathan Yun
Peipei Lin
Greg Palkovics