Mariko Sanchez

Fall 2017 Graduate



I’m Mariko Sanchez. I grew up in Los Angeles and have a prior degree in global studies. I was always interested in culture, psychology and connecting people. My degree opened my eyes and showed me that I could make an impact for people with limited resources. I care about deeply about others and use my empathetic approach and strategic problem solving to create social good.

When working on a project, my research propels me to get inside the head of my user, realizing their day to day experience.  In order to connect authentically with these realities, I must deeply understand their overall mindset; emotionally, practically and psychologically. I take these insights, analyze the findings and synthesize the information to create an understandable set of takeaways from the research.

I am deliberate in my decision making and my solutions always tie back to the research.

By creating solutions that make an impact on the lives of people that need it most, my hope is that the others are inspired to take action and do good in the world.