Joyce Han Yun Chiu

Spring 2019 Graduate

I was born in Taiwan, then moved to Vietnam, Canada, and now live in the US. By living in different cultures, learning new languages, I relied on drawing to tear down the communication barriers. I went on to study Communication Design from Emily Carr University where I was introduced to Interaction Design.

I want to design experiences and digital products that are useful, can solve problems and are magical to use. Whenever I design anything, I start with a solid foundation. I research, interview, find problems and user test in order to create a solution-based interactive experience. I use storytelling, video, and visuals to illustrate how my designs work which allow people to see how their lives can be improved. As an Interaction designer, I have the opportunity to create magic, a vision of how my design can solve problems of the present and the future, in other words, making the impossible… possible!