Sarah Churng

Interactive Data Visaulization

Sarah Churng is a Human/Systems Interaction Designer at Space Exploration Technologies, where she works closely with guidance control & navigation engineers, mission operators, and astronauts, to help bring user the user interface design of manned mission spacecraft into the 21st century. She received her Bachelor in Design with a specialization in Interaction Design from The University of Washington. She also holds an M.A. in Linguistics from The University of Washington, and a B.A. in Linguistics and Computer Science from The University of California: Los Angeles.

Her research interests include the interactive and dynamic display of complex data, narrative of “truthfulness” in information processing, and the impacts of innovation in everyday life. Areas of application include information visualization, social experience design, and conceptual modeling.

Recent research projects include: a service for building narrative data visualizations, an intuitive gesture language for touch-screen navigation of consumer drones funded by The Mary Gates Research Endowment, a proof-of-concept for visual-perceptual cues in commercial aircraft guidance and navigation, and interactive data visualization applications for f-MRI brain imaging, fluid dynamics and turbulence at the wall, and a model-based approach to systems engineering. Research collaborators include Pennsylvania State University, The University of Washington, The California Institute of Technology, Art Center College of Design, and The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.