What is Interaction Design at ArtCenter?

The BS in Interaction program is committed to teaching students, through user-centered design how to make human-digital interactions useful, innovative and delightful. From mobile apps, websites and software to autonomous cars, VR, games and wearable tech, Interaction is at the heart of the digital user experience (UX)- what people think, feel and do. Our curriculum emphasizes core methods, tools and processes that prepare students to lead as new digital technologies emerge.


February 4, 2022

IxD/MDP Lecture: Dr. Dimeji Onafuwa

IxD/MDP are excited to host Dr. Dimeji Onafuwa for a lecture on Pluriversal Design on February 9, 1pm…

November 17, 2021

Inclusive Futures: The Near-Future of Living & Working

IxD Inclusive Futures studio, taught by Associate Professor, Julian Scaff, blends futurecasting with human-centered design to explore the near future…

November 16, 2021

Masters of Design in Interaction Info Sessions

Learn more about Graduate Interaction Design (MDes) from Julian Scaff, Full-Time Faculty and MDes Faculty Director. Julian will go…

Department Chair

Maggie Hendrie

Faculty Senior Studios

Todd Masilko

Director Immersion Lab, IxD 2

Jenny Rodenhouse


Julian Scaff

Wearables, Creative Technology

Elise Co

Faculty IxD studio

JonDelina Buckley

Interactive Data Visualization

Santiago Lombeyda

Interactive Prototyping

Trevor Greenleaf

About Our Course Path

The program begins with hands-on classes in graphic and product design, strategy, human-computer interaction and investigative research, as well as theory and criticism through the humanities and sciences. Students can expect to get very good at storytelling, modeling, sketching, paper prototyping and thinking about creative ways to convey user experiences. Coursework explores broad modalities in design—auditory, tactile and motion. In upper terms, students focus on developing their own design perspectives and devise new solutions to specific contemporary and future design challenges. We also offer our students transdisciplinary and elective studios so they can experiment, hone their skills and get exposure to other Art Center departments.

More about the curriculum

Interaction Design 1 : Human Centered Design

Interaction Design 2: From Macro to Micro Interactions

Interaction Design 3: Understanding Users

Interactive Prototyping 1

Interactive Prototyping 2

Interactive Prototyping 3

Introduction to Computer Science for Artists and Designers

Human Factor and Design Psychology

3D Fundamentals

The Way Things Work

Digital Electronics

Materials Exploration

Rapid Prototyping

Communication Design



History and Futures of IxD

Writing Studio

HS Elective

3rd Term Review

Interaction Design 4 : Ecosystems

Interaction Design 5: product & Service Design

Interaction Design 6: Interactive Data Visualization

Interaction Studio: Mediatecture

Advanced Interaction Studio : Tangible and Physical Computing

Advanced Interaction Studio : Immersion-VR/AR/MR

Advanced Interaction Sponsored Studios

Art of Research

Communication Design 2

Type 3,4


Professional Practice 1

Internships for Course Credit

6th Term Review

Advanced Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio: Portfolio Preparation

IxD 7: Senior Projects

IxD 8: Senior Projects

Studio Elective

Studio Elective

H+ S Elective

Professional Pracice 2

Interaction Design is the study and craft of how people interact with products, systems and services. It is about shaping digital experiences for people’s use.

How to Apply

Interaction Design is the study and craft of how people interact with products, systems and services. It is about shaping digital experiences for people’s use. Submissions, therefore, should demonstrate a keen interest in user experience, along with your personal creativity and vision. Find more information on admissions in general as well as details on portfolio requirements and sample projects for Interaction Design candidates.