• Pei Liew, Gx Student, ArtCenter My biggest challenge has been trying to figure out myself. What kind of person do I want to be? What interests me? ArtCenter has pushed me to grow and change over the past few years. I love it.
    Michael Richardson, Gx Student, ArtCenter Before ArtCenter, I was already working as a Graphic Designer. I chose to leave the work force temporarily in order to hone my skills and better myself as a designer through exploration.

  • Youmna Chamcham, Designer, founder of livelovebeirut.com There were so many things I wanted to become when I grew up… Design was liberating. It encompassed everything. It gave me just enough of everything I wanted to become.
    Paola Meraz, Gx Student, ArtCenter Transmedia design has intimidated me, made me feel uncomfortable, pushed my boundaries and challenged me like no other. It helped my work process when exploring new territory.

  • Daniel C. Young, Interaction Designer, Google My experience at ArtCenter was the most exhausting, most fun and most transformative three years of my life.
    Justin Chen, Visual Designer, Google I strongly believe that transmedia education helped me connect with extraordinary opportunities after I graduated. Top companies are not only looking for a good designer; but for someone who can help build a multi-disciplinary design team.
    Pearlyn Lii, Gx Student, ArtCenter Transmedia is an open-minded gateway to exploring how technologies, new or old, can be appropriated through graphic design. Graphic design's strength lies in serving as the connective tissue between 2D, 3D, and even 4D.