The Earthquake Recovery Game

The L.A. Earthquake: Get Ready Rally

As part of the Los Angeles Earthquake: Get Ready project, we are excited to announce the launch of "After Shock"—an on-line simulation of the individual and social impacts of a major earthquake on the communities of Southern California. The simulation will begin on November 13, 2008 immediately following the ShakeOut drill. After Shock will use the same earthquake scenario researched and developed by USGS for ShakeOut, but it will also be influenced by the actions of the participants—collaboratively predicting how our community might respond in the days and weeks following an actual earthquake.

After Shock was designed by Art Center students in the Department of Graphic Design and facilitated by a team of experts, including the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit research group and our active partner in bringing the simulation to life. After Shock will empower Southern Californians of all ages and backgrounds to internalize their overall preparedness by developing and practicing their response strategies today, before these skills are needed. As a massively collaborative forecasting game, After Shock presents a highly innovative platform  to encourage people to have a sense of agency in preparing for their futures.

With After Shock, Art Center is pioneering a new model for communicating hard messages and affecting life-saving behavior change.

Sign up now at to begin playing After Shock on November 13 after the ShakeOut drill, and join the After Shock Facebook group