Lorne Buchman in front of the podcast mic

Change Lab

Introducing Change Lab, ArtCenter’s podcast on creative transformation.

Transformation is fundamental to every act of creativity, which makes it particularly fertile terrain for wide-ranging exploration in Change Lab, ArtCenter’s podcast featuring deep diving interviews with the world’s leading artist and designers.

Hosted by ArtCenter President Lorne Buchman, this bi-weekly series of conversations examines the biographical, experiential and philosophical source material that animates the drive and dedication it takes to carve out a successful career at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

The podcast’s debut season features an illustrious lineup of guests ranging from trailblazing entrepreneurs like Lynda Weinman to renowned multimedia artist Edgar Arceneaux. In each episode, Buchman’s incisive and intimate interviews shed light on the ripples of change set in motion by the alchemy of creativity, from conception to completion.


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Here's a peek at our current line up. Check back soon as additional guests are announced and new podcasts are released.


Episode 1: Lynda Weinman on Taking Arts Education Online

Episode 2: Director John X. Carey on Balancing Art and Commerce in Film

Episode 3: Artist Edgar Arceneaux on Using Critical Thinking to Investigate our Past and Present

Episode 4: Sara Ortloff Khoury on Designing User Experience for the World’s Biggest Brands

Episode 5: Mari Nakano on Designing for Social Impact with UNICEF and the New York City Mayor’s Office

Episode 6: Niklas Gustafsson on Tackling the Pepsi Challenge

Episode 7: Wendy MacNaughton on using Illustrated Journalism to Draw Extraordinary Stories from Everyday Lives

Episode 8: Documentary Filmmaker Amy Ziering On Giving Voice To Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Episode 9: Graphic Design Legend Paula Scher

Episode 10: Yves Behar on Designing Technology for the Social Good

Episode 11: Ellen Lupton on Design as Storytelling

Episode 12: Chris Kraus on Writing Through a Mask

Episode 13: Courtney Martin on Activism and Inspiring Social Justice through Writing

Episode 14: Jackie Amezquita on Crossing Borders and Making Change

Episode 15: Matthew Rolston on Glamour, Death Anxiety and the Unity of Opposites

Episode 16: Jesse Genet on Using Extreme Learning Experiences to Build Businesses and a Meaningful Life

Episode 17: Charlie Hodges on Pirouetting from Dance to Design

Episode 18: Lisa Kron on Turning Memory into Meaning on Broadway

Episode 19: Fiat Chrysler Design Head Ralph Gilles on Vehicles that Move Us Emotionally and Physically

Episode 20: Dr. James Hollis on Hearing (and Answering) the Call to Create