Estimate of Additional Costs

Budget and Cost of Attendance

ArtCenter sets a yearly budget or cost of attendance which includes: tuition and fees (these are a set cost) and estimates on average amounts you may spend for housing and food (room and board), books and supplies, transportation, miscellaneous expenses, and loan fees associated with federal loans.

  • The tuition and fees are the only set costs, and you will be billed for tuition at the beginning of each semester that you attend. Please note: Tuition and fees are subject to increase annually.
  • Your other costs will vary depending on your individual classes and your lifestyle. You will control your own cost of rent, food, and transportation, and should make your own estimates on these items. We have included an average amount in the following budget for the purposes of estimating your need.

Undergraduate Students

ArtCenter’s budget for undergraduate students for each semester in 2020-2021 is as follows:

Tuition and Fees $23,243
Room and Board * $6,765 ($4,342 if living with parent)
Books and Supplies $2,000
Transportation $1,397
Personal/Miscellaneous $1,849
Loan Fees $169

Total Budget per semester $35,423

For your yearly budget, multiply by the number of semesters you plan to attend in 2020-21.

Graduate Students

ArtCenter’s budget for graduate students for each 2020-21 semester is as above with the exception of tuition and fees which are $24,545. The total budget per semester for graduate students is $36,725.