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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate degrees are offered in Advertising, Entertainment Design, Environmental Design, Film, Fine Art, Graphic Design, IllustrationInteraction DesignPhotography and Imaging, Product Design and Transportation Design.

We believe each student deserves a truly distinct and personal education. Our students learn by doing in small studio classes led by a faculty of practicing artists and designers.

Unlike other art and design schools, Art Center students receive comprehensive education in their chosen discipline from day one, thus bypassing the typical “foundation year.”

We believe this intense concentration on the actual major—more than 30 classes—gives students the level of specialization they need to perfect their discipline and be prepared for the professional environment.

Woven into the beginning terms of our curriculum are Integrated Studies classes, which build vocabularies of visual literacy and image making that our students will use whatever their chosen discipline.

Integrated Studies provides an early opportunity for students to meet and work in class with a variety of other majors, allowing them to develop relationships as their careers progress while providing an understanding of how someone from a different discipline thinks and solves problems.

As students gain expertise, our curriculum exposes them to larger collaborative efforts.

Each term, Transdisciplinary Studios (TDS) combine faculty and students from various majors to explore topics of mutual interest.

A series of related lectures by Humanities and Design Sciences faculty provide critical depth to the studio practice.

For example, the TDS “Beautiful Networks” examined how artists, photographers, filmmakers and designers are inspired by systems in culture and the natural world. In many of these TDS studios, students develop specific strategies and solutions for corporate sponsors like Honda, Microsoft and Disney.

Students also collaborate across disciplines through Designmatters, an educational program exploring the role of art and design in addressing social and humanitarian needs.

In partnership with international and local organizations, these projects give students the opportunity to tackle a wide range of pressing issues both here and in the field, ranging from the creation of mobile healthcare systems in Mexico and Africa to a multimedia public safety campaign to improve earthquake preparedness in Southern California.

Because we are convinced that a successful visual career is supported by a broad-based education, our curriculum includes required and elective courses through our Humanities and Design Sciences Department that build knowledge and skills in such areas as history, sociology and writing.


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