Our board members responded to the call: What would we make if we were connected? Meet the people who are passionate about building a community of the curious in support of creating creators. They have opened their circles and invited everyone in.

  • Sean Adams
    Chair, ArtCenter Graphic Design Program
    National President, ex officio, AIGA

  • Kevin Bethune, MS 2012 Industrial Design
    Founder & Chief Creative Officer, dreams • design + life

  • Marina Chang, BS 1988 Environmental Design
    Designer and Owner, I.D. Company

  • Tom Cordner, BFA 1972 Advertising
    Chief Creative Officer/Consultant, The Traffic Agency

  • Tim Delaney, BS 1972 Product Design
    Owner, Tim J. Delaney Design

  • Mark Fennimore, BFA 1986 Advertising
    Creative Director

  • Carla Figueroa, BFA 1995 Graphic/Packaging
    Designer, cfig design

  • Christopher Hacker
    Department Chair, Product Design, ArtCenter
    Chief Design Officer, Hacker Design Group LLC

  • Bruce Heavin, BFA 1993 Illustration
    Owner and Co-Founder, Lynda.com

  • Phil Hettema, Illustration
    President and Creative Executive of The Hettema Group

  • Karen Hofmann, BS 1997 Product Design
    Provost, ArtCenter

  • Gloria Kondrup, MFA 1993 Graphic Design
    Professor and Executive Director, Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography
    Director, Archetype Press

  • Dave Marek, BS 1987 Transportation Design
    Global Creative Director, Acura

  • Andy Ogden, BS 1983 Transportation Design
    Department Chair, Graduate Industrial Design, ArtCenter

  • Matthew Rolston, BFA 1978 Photography 
    Photographer, Director, Creative Director, Matthew Rolston [Creative] Inc.

  • Orrin Shively, BS 1984 Transportation Design
    Director of Art and Design, Disney Studios

  • Katie Sprague, BFA 1991 Graphic Design 
    Senior Vice President, Service Leader, Strategic Branding, Callisonrtkl

  • Diana Thater, MFA 1990 Graduate Art 
    Professor, Graduate Art Program, ArtCenter

  • Mike Warsaw, BS 1990 Transportation Design
    Global Vice President and Chief Officer of Design Innovation, Haworth

  • Tracy Wong, BFA 1984 Advertising
    Executive Creative Director, WONGDOODY

  • Lan Yu, MS 2015 Industrial Design
    Director, Graduate Industrial Design, ArtCenter

For his second career, alum Wing Chan weaves an urban tapestry


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ArtCenter students explore beyond the boundaries of a traditional art and design education to imagine new possibilities for the future of our hyper-complex and changing world.


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