Academic Priorities

  • Select classes that require access to our facilities will be held on campus. It is anticipated that these classes will include both virtual and on-campus elements, utilizing facilities in a controlled, staggered and safe manner. Faculty and department chairs will determine the balance between online and on-campus time for each course.
  • Courses using physical spaces on campus will have an online backup plan in case the campus has to shut down again due to an increase in cases impacting the City of Pasadena and Los Angeles County or any other reason.
  • All classes that can be fully taught in a remote manner will be offered exclusively online.
  • There will be no expectation for any student to be physically present at any point in the semester for classes offered exclusively online.
  • During the term, a department may hold special initiatives or workshops (“optional enhancements”) on campus that would allow the student to be on campus even if the class is offered exclusively online. These on-campus initiatives will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are strictly optional.
  • Campus access will only be permitted for the purpose of accessing facilities directly supporting educational activities such as the shops, labs, library, student spaces, printing and photocopying equipment and services and the prop room, as well as to pick up and drop off equipment and/or supplies from Information Technology, the Educational Media Equipment Center (EMEC), the Student Store, or other departments or offices.
  • Priority will be given to graduating students who need campus access to complete their projects and students who need to complete coursework from the Spring or Summer terms.
  • Every effort will be made to provide access to all other students who are present locally to allow them to work on campus for limited periods of time.